Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Liveblogging from Windpower 2008: Socializing

Lots of interesting booths and exhibitors at the Windpower 2008 tradeshow. Individual states have quite a contingent too: Wisconsin, Iowa, Texas, Minnesota, and others. That reminds me - Iowa has a drawing each day for iPhone. I have to go see if I won!

Here's what I've learned:

Texas' website has a lot of good resources for people interested in residential wind and for bigger wind developers.

Juwi International is a renewable energy developer all over the world, but its JW Prairie Wind Power LLC is working on wind projects across the United States' Midwest.

3Tier is a company mapping the entire world's wind resources and putting the information online to "democratize the wind process." It also plans to eventually map out the solar resources of the world.

Mariah Resources provides the people power to put up and maintain wind turbines. And they taught me that "Mariah" means wind!

WindLogics is a Minnesota-based company and industry leader in wind resource assessment, who are also moving into financial analysis and operational services. That's their beautiful screen in the photo to the left, showing the wind at the time Hurricane Katrina hit (it was animated). The brighter colors indicate higher-altitude winds.

National Wind builds big wind farms but works with local communities to encourage local ownership and input into the project.

Also connecting with some great bloggers and online writers, including:

Tim Hurst of EcoPolitology and Green Options
Steve Harvey of Cleantegrity
Herman Trabish of NewEnergyNews

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