Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shameless Family Promotion (But Energy-Related!)

Yesterday's Real Time Economics blog over at the Wall Street Journal asks readers to hypothesize about the "tipping point" of energy costs. When does the cost of electricity or gas get high enough to actually drive change in consumer behavior? The posts cites several recent studies about energy and choice, including a paper by my cousin, Dan Kaffine, and a colleague that shows as gas prices went up, Los Angeles freeways became less congested.

Has there been a tipping point in energy costs for you that got you to change your behavior?

Most recently, I've started driving more slowly to conserve gas (don't tell my husband or he'll never let me drive) and now always take the highway route to work versus the more scenic - but stop-and-go - city street route. I really really wish I could take mass transit, but Minneapolis-St. Paul's lame (but improving) transit options would triple my commute time.

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