Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Utah Goes to 4-Day Work Week to Save Energy

I'm going to have to start lobbying my employer to do this: To save on energy costs, Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has ordered most of the state's employees to work four 10-hour days (state police officers, prison guards, and public universities will have to still be open Fridays. And the liquor stores).

This change is expected to save the state about $3 million a year in lighting, heating and air conditioning costs. Carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution from state vehicles may be cut by about 3,000 metric tons.

via The L.A. Times


Anonymous said...

What about more telecommuting to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources?

My employer has allowed me to telecommute for years. And, now, my employer has embraced this to such an extent that they have a new formal telecommuter program to encourage more employees to work from home, including a $500 home ofice setup funding and a monthy fee phone line and ISP connection reimbursement.

Not everyone can work longer hours per day (day care hours, etc.). But, I would be willing to bet that more might be able to work from home.


Maria Surma Manka said...

Great point Dan - we more and more offices are wired up with more robust remote computer systems (access to shared drives, etc) my guess is that telecommuting is just going to get more popular.