Saturday, August 09, 2008

Product Review: Bottles 2 Bags

I've never done a product review before but last weekend I tried out a shoulder bag from Bottles 2 Bags by act2. Act2 is what founders Tom and Debbie call the second installment of their company that is now dedicated to making all of its products from green materials by the end of the year.

My bag is green and made from 10 post-consumer 16-oz. PET bottles. They tell me that the amount of energy saved by using recycled materials is enough to power my laptop for 77 hours.
Read about how act2 turns plastic bottles into bags.

It's the perfect size (9" x 8.5") - smaller than a big work purse but bigger than a cutesy purse that doesn't hold anything. It's got lots of pockets and I could fit my mid-sized cell phone, wallet, camera, and tons of other stuff all into this comfy little partner.

The outside of the bag is a textured fabric and super durable. I rubbed dirt into it to see whether the texture would make it difficult to clean but it came out quite easily. The inner lining is branded with act2's recycling logo and I was initially skeptical of its thinness, but I played pretty rough with it and it's held up well so far. I think this bag is going to be a staple of my South America trip this fall.

Final verdict: Highly recommended.

Many thanks to Paul at GreenSmith Consulting for the introduction to act2.

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