Monday, September 01, 2008

Blog Day 2008 (One Day Late)

Blog Day 2008
Yesterday was Blog Day, an annual event during which bloggers post about other bloggers in an effort to introduce them to their readers. These recommended blogs may be outside the host blogger's interest area or have a different point of view, but the point is to get the word out about five other blogs and explain why you like them.

A hearty "Thank you!" goes out to Tim at Ecopolitology for listing Maria Energia on its Blog Day list. Here are my five blogs for you, dear readers, to check out:

1. The Sietch Blog. Shane Jordan's blog is all about energy and going green with a good sprinkle of politics. The posts are extremely thoughtful, thorough, and often include news I don't find elsewhere in the blogosphere. The Sietch also uses a fair amount of video posts, which I just personally enjoy.

2. Joel Makower's Two Steps Forward blog. Makower is a world-renowned green business guru. While he may not need my little link love, he is one of the few and best bloggers discussing green communications and marketing trends. As a strategic communications/public relations professional, Makower's blog is on my "must read" list.

3. McCain Blogette. John McCain's daughter, Meghan, writes about "musings and pop culture on the political trail." While Meghan does post tons of photos from her father's campaign rallies, her writings so far have been nonpolitical and instead focused on the stories of people she meets on the campaign trail and throughout her world travels. The posts are interesting, funny and succinct. I guess this blog falls into my "blogs with a different point of political view" category but she's got me coming back again and again to read it.

4. New Energy and Fuel. Brian Westenhaus' blog falls into the Straight Talk Express category in my mind. His humor, frankness and incredible detail (oh, the graphs!) of new energy and fuel technologies make for a more technical and very important read.

5. Housekept. This is a new blog on my radar. Blogger Mark Holterhaus is a social media wiz, lives in my neighborhood and is really into eating sustainably. He offers tasty recipes and other musing on eating healthy and locally.

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