Monday, September 01, 2008

RNC Distractions

Sorry I wasn't around blogging last week. The communications firm I work for, Tunheim Partners, was hired by a Minneapolis-St. Paul partnership called "More to Life" to organize and execute the RNC media party this weekend. I was in charge of volunteers so preparing for the 8,000 guest party took over my life last week. I'm back now.

The party went really well - by all accounts the media had a great time, thought Minneapolis was beautiful (the party was along the Mississippi River, in front of the Guthrie Theater and the Mill City Museum). And they said our volunteers were soooo nice.

Right now I'm watching RNC protests live on The in downtown St. Paul - there are tons of peaceful anti-war protesters but also a few anarchists who just like to break stuff and wreck our city. I wish those people would go home. The police have been out with tear gas too. I'm following @PiPress, @s4xton, @MnIndyLIVE on Twitter as well - they're downtown with the protesters.

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