Monday, October 13, 2008

Back to the Blogosphere!

Our travels through South America were amazing - Chile, Peru, Argentina and Uruguay. We hiked, ate and drank our way through most of it, getting to know some locals too. My Spanish major from college still served me well, although I think I ordered "two round-trip bottles" one time instead of "tickets."

Here are some photos and "Best ofs" from the trip:

Best food: Peru - Spicy, flavorful and consistently delicious

Best airline: LAN - Clean, bright, always food no matter how short the flight

Best waiter: Alejandro in Santiago, Chile. AKA the Latin Jake Gyllenhaal. When I told him he looked like the actor he replied "You must be yoking!"

Best behaved stray dogs: Santiago, Chile. They patiently waited for the traffic signals like the rest of us and crossed streets appropriately.
Best people watching: Santiago or Buenos Aires, where people were making out on every park bench and street corner. Really.

Best leg of the trip: We immensely enjoyed all the places we visited, but the beauty and excitement of Peru already has us wanting to go back.

Alejandro's dessert recommendation

Gasping for air and still not at the top of Waynapicchu, the peak 1 km above the Machu Picchu ruins.

Our vacation from our vacation: Colonia, Uruguay was a great day-trip from Buenos Aires.

Art in Buenos Aires. If you look closely you can see us reflected in the petal.

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Unknown said...

Just stopped by after hearing you on MPR ( ) . Nice blog. But the Peru pix are what caught my attention. ( Back to the Blogosphere! ) The one with you (?) with hands on knees is neat. Wish I had a 30 Mbyte version I could zoom in on. I tried to give some sense of scale with an enlarged inset of one Machu Picchu image here:

One thing about Peru that I find curious is how easy it is to access the net (without a laptop) at one of the many cheap Internet cafe's. The cost of net access there (if one does not also have a computer at home) has to be a tiny fraction of what it is here - conservation thru shared use.

Fred who conserves energy with a bicycle in Minneapolis.