Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Univ. of ND Makes First 100% Renewable Jet Fuel

This is a fascinating new breakthrough: The University of North Dakota's Energy and Environment Research Center has announced that they have created the first 100 percent renewable domestic aviation fuel.

The Department of Defense has been searching for a more secure, domestic fuel source for its planes and it contracted for $4.7 million with the University to develop that fuel. A larger sample is being produced with private sector partners to test in a sample engine later this year. The fuel uses a "feedstock-flexible process" which means that many types of crop oils and grasses can go into its creation, rather than just a single source.

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Joanna Schroeder said...

It is interesting to read about these new renewable fuel developments from the University of North Dakota! Thanks for posting it. Another great resource about how ethanol continues to be part of our energy independence plan is Toni Nuernberg’s blog Ethanol Conversations – check it out follow coverage of the ethanol industry in the United States!

Joanna Schroeder
EPIC Communications Director