Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cleantech Group's Predictions for 2009

The Cleantech Group is a firm that provides research, strategy and insight to clients helping to grow cleantech markets around the world. They've just listed their cleantech predictions for 2009 - below is a summary of their points, but be sure to read more about the predictions here.
  1. Energy efficiency infrastructure boom initiated
  2. Global climate talks bog down—no serious deal until 2011/12
  3. U.S. passes national RPS, but cap & trade bill only in 2010
  4. Wind stocks come back; thin film PV shakeout
  5. Clean technology VC stabilizes at $7B globally; PE more active
  6. Failure rate of cleantech startups double
  7. IT turns to the energy opportunity
  8. R&D stagnates; corporates acquire green growth assets
  9. Energy-water-food nexus emerges

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