Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Obama Wants Our Clean Energy Ideas

President-elect Obama has a whole host of transition teams working on many different policy issues. One of those issues is energy, and Obama wants to hear our thoughts and ideas on it.

Here, you can email the energy transition team your thoughts. In the video below,
Heather Zichal with Obama's Energy and Environmental transition team addresses some of the questions Americans have sent in about how the new president will address energy efficiency and encourage renewable energy:

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Anonymous said...


I'm excited to see emissions growth falling worldwide right now.

In the US, we are consuming more than 5.5% less oil in '08 and thus carbon emissions are poised to fall 2.5% this year. See details at:

Even China emissions are falling this quarter as electricity consumption falls a record in November. See details at: http://setenergy.org/2008/12/05/china-power-generation-falls-record-amount-climate-hope-alive/

The real challenge will be how we continue emissions reduction once the economy picks up again. Here's my hope for 2009: http://setenergy.org/2008/12/07/obama-co-make-2009-year-of-efficiency/

If you find the SET daily blog on major energy and climate developments useful at http://www.setenergy.org , please consider adding it to your blogroll. If you would like, I could link to you in return.

Onwards to sustainability,

PS - Awesome dancing post above!!!