Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Time Magazine's Top 10 Green Stories - and My Additions

Check out Time's Top 10 Green Stories of 2008. Go here for more info behind their picks:
  1. Election of Barack Obama
  2. Congress passes renewable energy credits
  3. Offshore drilling debate
  4. Failure of Warner-Lieberman
  5. New rules put a freeze on coal plants
  6. Ethanol bubble bursts
  7. Polar bear listed
  8. Indonesia warms to avoided deforestation
  9. First CO2 auction
  10. Word of the year: "Hypermiling"
I'd add a few others:
  1. T. Boone Pickens and his plan for energy independence. Whether you agree with his whole plan of wind power and natural gas or not, the fact that a billionaire Texas oilman is now pushing an agenda of homegrown energy and investment in transmission infrastructure is big news.
  2. wecansolveit.org's TV ads featuring Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi, Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson agreeing that something needs to be done about climate change. The partisan divide on clean energy has faded. It's about commonsense.
  3. The recession and how it will effect renewable energy. While clean energy stocks have taken a dive like everything else and some projects have slowed, the President-elect and others have vowed to continue onward with a push for green jobs, clean energy and efficiency.

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Anonymous said...

Climate disruption is the phrase President Elect Obama's camp is using. Some younger scientific minds are being assigned to the new executive administration's teams. Their words are important to the membership of the Pickens Plan.

Boone Pickens is listening closely to all that is happening concerning the economy and U.S. Energy Policy.

The relevant issues are on display in the forums, discussion, blogs, videos and uploaded photos of the 180,000 strong and million American strong army of the Pickens Plan.

Replacing the 10 times dirtier gasoline and burning diesel quickly in the largest most mature commercial transportation sectors is crucial. Big rigs must run on American natural gas, it must be that way. Joe must use this dollar.

Let us listen and watch closely as we are mustered here.

Pat Jack
Pickens Plan Campaign Ambassador