Monday, March 23, 2009

Americans Support Action on Climate Change - Question is, How?

Yale and George Mason Universities released survey results last week that showed more than 90 percent of Americans believe "the United States should act to reduce global warming."

But although most Americans want action on climate change, their opinions on how to best achieve that end remain mixed. Among the findings:
  • 92% support funding for renewable energy
  • 85% support tax breaks for people who buy fuel-efficient cars or solar panels
  • 80% support regulating carbon dioxide as a pollutant
  • 67% support unilateral action to reduce emissions
  • 53% support a national cap-and-trade system
  • 34% believe a "large scale effort" is needed regardless of economic costs
The survey of 2,164 Americans was conducted last fall, at the start of the economic downturn - and some of this support has likely eroded with the worsening crisis. But it should be noted that respondents believed national action was needed, in part, to free the U.S. from its dependence on foreign oil. This message of national security and other messages of economic stability and job creation - as well as straightforward talk of costs - will be critical to moving climate change solutions forward.

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bogged down said...

i think the new energy act that the Obama administration is trying to sell right now is going to be great for the renewable market in the next couple of years. It is also great news for that 90% of people who want some significant energy policy change.

Nature Concern said...

We've got to be united to save earth! Earth Hour is practised at large scale in all developed and developing countries but there has been more publicity and awareness this year, as well as participation from large corporations like which is a good sign - that there is still hope and that people still care!

Let's all do this, no matter where you are! Saturday, 28 March 2009. Lights off from 8.30pm to 9.30pm!

Nature Concern

Anonymous said...

The American way of polluting the earth should be stopped, and I'm glad the global warming served as a starter for this, even though the climate change has nothing to do with the CO2 levels or pollution. But at least people are scared of something that they can see with their own eyes.

Take care, Lorne

Maria Surma Manka said...

The people want action climate change, clean energy, energy independence - whatever you want to call it - and now we have an administration ready to take action!