Sunday, March 01, 2009

Clean Energy Quick Clicks

In addition to the money in the stimulus package for clean and efficient energy projects in the U.S., there's been lots more going with energy both here and abroad. Here are a few stories I've come across.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering regulating carbon dioxide (CO2, a major climate change pollutant) as a pollutant. That means polluting facilities applying for permits (like a coal plant), would face scrutiny and possible limits to their climate change emissions. The utility industry opposes the EPA regulating CO2, saying that decision should come from Congress. The EPA's decision is expect by early April. via Reuters
  • The premier of Ontario is proposing a Green Energy and Green Economy Act that would invest in smart grid technology, assist developers with connecting clean, community energy projects to the grid and eliminate energy from coal - which now makes up 23 percent of the Canadian province's electricity. via the Matter Network
  • A scholar from the Saudi Islamic Jurisprudence Academy called on religious groups to study whether biofuels violate the ban on alcohol in Islam. Sheik Mohamed al-Najimi told a Saudi newspaper that the prophet Mohammed prohibited all dealings with alcohol—which would include buying, selling, transporting, drinking, serving and manufacturing. via

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