Friday, May 22, 2009

Climate Bill Voted Out of Energy Committee

By a vote of 33 to 25, the House Energy Committee passed a climate bill last night that establishes a cap-and-trade program to cut emissions 17% below 2005 levels by 2020 and 83% by 2050, sets new efficiency standards for buildings, lighting and industrial facilities, and sets a national renewable energy standard.

The bill still has a long road to travel - there a several more House committees that must review and vote on it before it hits the House floor later this year. If passed there, it then moves on to the Senate, where leaders say they lack the votes to pass the bill as it is now written.

More details at the New York Times

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granny said...

hello all
it is beginning to look like the global warming believers are going to get their wish. they are now going to really be able to SUFFER to save the planet. up til now the only sacrifice you needed to make was to maybe to buy a curly light bulb or maybe a hybred car, but you have not really had to alter your comfortable lifestyle. the lifeblood of the united states is energy. putting a tax on energy will raise the cost of almost every aspect of your life, every thing from the foods you eat to the medicines you take, to the car you drive. you may also have to see your job go to a countriy with cheap and abundant energy. this tax will be the highest on coal. 60% of our electricity is generated by coal power plants. this means the highest taxes will be on your electricity. are you willing to pay double or triple your present electric bill. this is what happened in europe since they started cap and trade. in may countries workers are beginning striking to protest the loss of jobs caused the the carbon tax. i am sure you believers know that taking money out of YOUR pocket and putting in someone else's pocket will save the planet.
when you have lost your job, your computer is dead, you have no food to eat and your home is dark and cold - you can sit there and smuggly say - you have saved the planet.