Friday, May 01, 2009

UK Says No New Coal Without Carbon Sequestration

To start, any CCS plant must capture at least 400 megawatts of its carbon dioxide (CO2) output. In 2025, the requirement incfreases to capturing 100% of CO2 (provided the technology to accomplish this exists by then).

Ed Miliband, Climate Change Secretary, said in a statement:

"In the UK, a third of our existing coal-fired power stations are due to close in the coming decade...In order to ensure that we maintain a diverse energy mix, including maximising our domestic fuel supply, we need new coal-fired power stations but only if they can be part of a low carbon future."

The government will encourage CCS projects to be developed in clusters, in order to share infrastructure. The North Sea is expected to be the storage unit of much of the captured CO2.

via Cleantech Group

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