Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WINDPOWER 2009: Best Swag for this Blogger

There was a lot of free stuff at a conference and tradeshow as enormous as WINDPOWER 2009, and a lot of it was the typical pens, paper pads and candy. But the coolest and most useful swag I got is this wood-looking jump drive (well, the neatest swag probably would've been the free booze that appeared at all the booths at 3PM, if I weren't pregnant).

The drive comes courtesy of Green Energy Technologies, an Ohio company that unveiled a new type of urban wind turbine called the WindCube.

The WindCube kind of looks like a giant box fan. Green Energy Technologies says because of their product's shape, it can be set up in more diverse types of urban areas (like large buildings), compared to a traditional small wind turbine.

Source: Port Clinton Town Herald

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