Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Maria Energia Learns to Compost

Yes, it's my dark, dirty secret: I don't compost. It seemed complicated, I wasn't sure how, and hesitant to spend the money on a bin.

But now I've taken the plunge, thanks in great part to Algreen Products, a Canadian company that sent me their Terra 45-gallon composter to test out.

I got it today in the mail and - not knowing anything about composters - was impressed with how little it weighed and how easy it was for a woman who's 9 months pregnant to haul around. The instructions could've used some more detail, but I put the bin and accompanying shovel together eventually. Then I threw in some dirt, a bag of leaves that have been sitting in my garage for a year, and grass clippings in the 3:1 brown to green recommended ratio.

The holes in the side are for aeration and watering (not sure how you're supposed to water sideways...stick a hose in the holes or just spray down the sides?). I've seen other composters that you turn to get everything mixed together and decomposing...but I guess I don't need to do any mixing with this type of barrel? Any advice is appreciated!

More to come on how this product performs. I hope to get some good stuff out of it before the snow flies in a few months, but the instructions say that it will keep working throughout the winter (which surprises me...even when it's 10 below and everything is frozen?).

If you're interested in getting your own Algreen composter, you can buy one at Garden SuperMart, Home Depot or Amazon.

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