Sunday, September 27, 2009

Still Composting (I Think) and Company Review

I started composting about a month ago, when a company called Algreen Products sent me a compost bin to review.

While I think the bin is working fine so far, I'm less than thrilled about the customer service from Algreen.
For starters, the instructions for the compost bin were very vague: the brochure suggested watering and aerating the bin, but never said how often to do it. So I emailed the rep that contacted me in the first place. I asked:

Should I be mixing my browns and greens in the bin? If so, how often do I do that? Also, how often should I water the mix? More details like these would be helpful in your instruction manual.
I don't think anything got lost in translation between me (in Minnesota) and the rep (in Ontario, Canada), but he answered my email with instructions on how to make compost tea...

So I emailed him again, clarifying what I was asking - that was 27 days ago and I haven't heard anything back.
Although I can't yet comment on how well the compost bin works (my materials haven't composted yet and with the days becoming so cool, I'm skeptical I'll get anything yet this year), I would not recommend this $200 product based on the vague instruction manual (especially frustrating if you've never composted before) and the lack of customer service from Algreen.


David said...

yikes. remind me not to mess with you.

Andrew said...

Have you reviewed any rain barrels yet or built your own? I used to work for the Reuse Center in Minneapolis, and they were always popular and we often received a lot of questions regarding them. Also, I often thought they were over priced.

Looking forward to your reviews on other green products.

Maria Surma Manka said...

Hi Andrew - I haven't reviewed or used any rain barrels yet. They are a great product though and definitely something I want to get using next year!

Unknown said...

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